H & A Toere came into existence as a result of the passion for cycling shared between the Wagener and De Jager families.  This partnership set the stage for a company that would benefit from their love for cycling and the experience gained over many years? involvement in cycling events.

The words of Hendrik Wagener, the driving force behind H & A Toere, says it all:  "Cycling is like a bug (gogga): when it bites and gets in your blood, it stays".  We are doing this for the sheer love of the sport.  We got so much joy and pleasure from our involvement in cycling; we want to give back to the cyclists.  Our aim is to develop cyclists to become the very best they can be.  Interacting with the cyclists, learning to know them and watching them grow in their sport, is the ultimate thrill.  The greatest reward is watching a cyclist that used to cross our finish line, become a force to be reckoned with in the international cycling arena.


H & A Toere hosts multi-day road cycling events to provide a competitive environment for cyclists to develop and grow in their sport.  Set against the beautiful backdrop of the mountainous Mpumalanga, the geographical profile of the province provides the ideal terrain to offer a perfect combination of very challenging climbs and sprinting opportunities.  Many top performing South African cyclists have used the mountains of Mpumalanga as their training ground.

The cycling tours are organised in line with UCI rules and Cycling South Africa directives are strictly applied.  Only suitably qualified road cycling commissaires are appointed to officiate in the cycling events.  The safety of cyclists is their top priority and ensured through proper road management and the use of traffic officials.

Social awareness and the involvement of local residents and businesses ensures that the cycling events not only provide an opportunity for cyclists, but goes wider to have a positive impact on local tourism, income generation and job creation.